About us

Why use a travel agent when I can do it myself online? In a "perfect world," I guess you could "book online," but ask yourself these questions. Has the algorithm you are booking with ever been to the destination or stayed at that hotel? Will they pick up the phone when you call even on an evening or weekend? But more importantly ask yourself, is what you see always what you get? Our team of agents are well traveled and will individually craft a trip to suit your needs. We value the authentic, unique, experiential and awe-inspiring options the world has to offer. At Cruise and Travel Partners, travel is our passion but most importantly it is our profession. We have spent the last 20 plus years building our contacts around the world and reputation with our clients. Sure, you can "book online"...but why would you want to?

Our team

Jodi Murphy

A graduate of the University of Vermont and Mom to an awesome daughter, Mackenzie, I came to the travel industry through my mother and business partne...

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Janet Goldman

Contact me at 772 643-2322 or cecruises123@aol.com...

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Linda Steinberg

Born in Syracuse NY. I wanted to travel, so I joined the United States Marine Corps. I worked at the VA hospital and retired from the Postal Service. ...

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Valarie Loughnane

A graduate of James Madison University, I  have been teaching biology and gifted support at the middle school level for 27 years and have been tr...

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Gregory Stout

I am a graduate of Western Maryland College and the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.  My love for travel began as a client with the De...

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Carolyn Petzing

Hello, my name is Carolyn Petzing and I am a certified Disney Specialist. My knowledge of Disney does not just come from guide books and brochures, bu...

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